Job Branding vs Employer Branding - with guest Chris Harwood

Job Branding vs Employer Branding - with guest Chris Harwood

Our host Chris M caught up with Chris Harwood just before he caught a flight out of Heathrow Airport recently. A podcast recording on this day was probably all he needed but he's a true pro and this is what he does!

They discussed the rise of Job Branding and how more and more companies are putting increased emphasis on the micro-branding of specific job roles and job categories vs their (still very important) broader EB content strategies.

Also covered in this episode:

  • How to execute a Job Branding strategy that compliments your overall EB.
  • How to effectively generate a job category content library and re-use assets many times to increase ROI on effort/cost.
  • Job Branding can have a super low cost of entry, we should be embracing this.
  • How to measure the success (or failings) of Job Branding and why its easier to track effectiveness and continuously improve vs a broader, more universal strategy.

Huge thanks to Chris for finding the time, and a Merry Christmas everyone - see you on the other side! 🎄


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