The Employer Bland Podcast - with Chris Murdoch

The Employer Bland Podcast - with Chris Murdoch
The Employer Bland Podcast - with Chris Murdoch

Welcome to the Employer Bland podcast, where we discuss all things employer branding, tackling issues such as diversity and inclusion, changes in the world of work, and what it takes to create a thriving company culture.

Hosted by entrepreneur, recruitment industry veteran and co-founder of Voyse, Chris Murdoch.

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Previous Episodes

Eva Wedman Baluchova (Global Employer Branding Lead at Danfoss) joined Chris on the podcast, telling a personal story relating to job ads, and how one particular ad changed the course of her life.

Chris M was lucky enough to catch Chris Harwood whilst he had an hour to kill recently at Heathrow Airport en route to an EB conference in Serbia. They discussed the rise of Job Branding/Marketing. How it differs from Employer Brandin, and why it's so important.

Chris was joined by the Founder of The EVP Consultancy, Vicki Saunders. Vicki gave some insight into her happy, working-class Black Country roots and how various events in education, life, multiple high-profile career moves, and a general desire to create positive change took her on a journey to start her own consultancy business.

Chris spent an hour with the undisputed G.O.A.T of Employer Branding, James Ellis recently. James did a deep dive into his background, from his early influences in business and how various jobs and chapters in his life have shaped the path he's on today (Chief Brand Builder, Employer Brand Labs).

Chris spoke to the trail-blazing DE&I legend, Jo Major, in this episode. Jo discusses her background from working in BAU agency recruitment to leading one of the UK's most prominent Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) advisory businesses and the triggers that compelled her to make the switch.

Chris caught up with the Recruitment Marketing extraordinaire, James Whitelock (Founder, Think In Circles). The conversation was centred around the differences between Employer Branding (EB) and Team Branding (TB). What if there was one over-arching employer brand but the real focus, energy and budget was allocated to Team Branding?

In this episode, Chris speaks with Chad Sowash (co-host, Chad & Cheese podcast and lets face it, he's in the TA GOAT conversation) about Employer Brand's important role in positively impacting the bottom line.

Introducing Nerida Rooney, Head of Employer Brand and strategic hiring at Keir Group. In this episode, Nerida and Chris talk about all things employer brand, diverse hiring and talent attraction in an industry where the odds are stacked against you. 

In this episode, Chris caught up with Dan Doherty to discuss quick wins in the pre and post-live process of attracting talent. From the importance of split testing in the employer branding, recruitment marketing and individual job ad creation process. What activity is creating the right kind of awareness, engagement and advocacy? Try different things and monitor successes and failures.

In this episode, Chris chats with Leke Sholuade, Founder of Black Valley. Chris and Leke cover the importance of representation in employer brand communications, how to overcome your fear of not wanting to make a mistake with your Diversity hiring strategy, the importance of allyship along with covering the danger of tech advancement without it being innovated by diverse teams.

In this episode, Chris chats to Sonya Byers (CEO at Women In Transport) about the challenges and biases women face in the workplace, even in this day and age. Sonya discusses where her passion for gender equality comes from. Chris and Sonya discuss what companies and employees can be doing more of to help reverse the divide as well as what we can all be doing more of to understand our own blind spots and unconscious biases.

In this episode, (host and co-founder of Voyse) Chris Murdoch chats with Dr Marcia Goddard, Neuroscientist and CCO at The Contentment Foundation.We cover the science behind creating and evolving a great company culture- Does ‘culture fit’ actually exist or is it a dangerous path filled with bias? Learn how to assess and quantify your culture. The importance of representation in attracting great talent. Guidance on best practice for engaging with under-represented communities to boost diversity hiring.

In this episode, (host and co-founder of Voyse) Chris Murdoch chats with Linkedin changemaker 2021, Andrew MacAskill. Founder of Executive Career Jump. They cover the relationship between the employee experience from initial touchpoints, all the way through to offboarding and the impact these experiences have on employer brands.