Recruitment challenges in 2023

Recruitment challenges in 2023
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Firstly, happy new year from the Voyse team! We live in uncertain times, and a lot of businesses will be looking at 2023 with trepidation. But with uncertainty comes opportunity, and after speaking to our customers, here are our predictions for what's likely to be on the minds of hiring teams in 2023.

Budgets and the economy

Opinions differ on whether we are or aren't headed for a global downturn in this new year, and the picture for hiring teams is mixed.

Big tech firms might still be experiencing an exodus, but other smaller companies might look to capitalise of the sudden influx of experienced individuals coming onto the global jobs market.

More broadly, global hiring continues to increase, and many businesses are still understaffed post-pandemic. We predict that an increased focus on employee retention will play a huge part in making the books balance.

The increasing use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning

The latter part of 2022 was dominated by the talk of ChatGPT and what it meant for all kinds of human interaction. We also commented earlier in the year about the potential arms race between recruiters and candidates trying to automate their processes.

We don't have a prediction as to the victor in this struggle between human interaction and efficiency, but we do expect to see more and more products trying to capitalise and employ these increasingly accessible and sophisticated technologies.

The continuing rise of remote work and flexible work arrangements

More companies are offering remote work and flexible schedules, and the allure of a global talent pool is too much of a competitive advantage to ignore for businesses where remote work is possible. Despite the protestations of vocal individuals, we feel the genie is firmly out of the bottle.

However, with this change comes challenges - remote work can make it more difficult to assess and manage candidates and employees, as well as to maintain a consistent company culture. How can you create cohesive teams across timezones and cultural working cultures? Theres is still much work to do on this front, and we predict much activity along these lines in 2023.

Growing appreciation of the benefits of on location work

Excuse us for hedging bets both ways, but equally prominent in recent months have been people finding new value in the benefits of face to face communication for team-building and collaboration.

Our prediction - the rise of remote work is probably unstoppable, but expect to see businesses using their existing premises more to take advantage of collaborative spaces, and for some enterprises looking to differential themselves with those who would rather do their work face to face.

The increasing sophistication of recruitment marketing and employer branding

One of the core tenets here at Voyse is we believe that candidates deserve personalised experiences to help them make informed decisions about their future career moves.

Hiring teams are slowly waking up to the fact that their job ads are a key first touchpoint with potential hires, and that a one size fits all approach is no longer enough. Many are increasingly focused on building a strong employer brand, but this can be challenging if the company's culture and values are not well-defined, consistent, or clearly visible from that first touchpoint.

Our prediction (reflected in our product roadmap for this year!) - increasing sophistication in making sure that candidates get the right message delivered in the right format to help them decide is a role is the right fit. Expect a lot of this to be cribbed from the world of online advertising.

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